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Laura 3.2.24

Laura Frohboese, LCSW (pronounced FRO-bose but call me Laura) 

owner & therapist

You worked hard in school and did all the "right" things but you don't feel as happy as you could be or maybe just don't feel like yourself. I get that and I want to offer you some concrete ways to be at peace with your life.

Maybe you find yourself repeating the same patterns, having the same interactions, or feeling a certain way about yourself. I balance truth and tact, giving genuine feedback. I have over 25 years of experience helping adults overcome depression, anxiety, and life stress. Sometimes you're depressed & sometimes your life is depressing-usually it's some of both. I address both, helping you change the way you think, act, & feel, while also looking at your whole life situation, environment, lifestyle, friends & stressors. 


I strongly support the recovery model; I help people overcome challenges and not just manage them. Who wants to just "manage" depression? You can manage feelings better in the moment but you also want to understand the root causes of them and make meaningful changes; you don't have to let your feelings control you.

I've loved living in Charlotte since 2000. I grew up in Virginia & then went to school in the Boston area. I loved my time at Holy Cross and Boston College but when I had enough of the winters, the high rent, and 5th floor walk up apartment, I moved back to be close to my family in Charlotte.  I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in individual therapy for adults and maintained a private practice in the Elizabeth neighborhood from 2008-2022.  Since most people preferred telehealth, we gave up our offices and all sessions are on a secure video platform now.

I had a paralyzing fear of public speaking until I joined Toastmasters in 2010. I went from being terrified every time I spoke in public to entering speech contests and competing at the state level!! I wrote cartoon books about humor in social work and love presenting to large groups.  If I can do it, you can too!  Let me help you overcome your fears and challenge yourself.

For "fun" I entered a speaking event in which we each presented 20 slides for 20 seconds each.  It was one of my largest audiences, 350 people at the Neighborhood Theater:   

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In network with: Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield (most plans), CBHA (Carolina Behavioral Health Alliance), Cigna/ Evernorth, Medcost, United

I'm fully licensed in NC and also licensed to provide telehealth to 

             South Carola residents (credential # 524) SC Telehealth Provider webpage and

             Vermont residents (credential # 089.0135752TELE)

             Florida residents (credential # TPSW4012)


my Dalmatian/ Golden Retriever mix rescue pup who sleeps under the desk and sometimes joins sessions 

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