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Byron Young, LCSWA

Have you reached a point where you're looking for someone who will listen to understand you or you kinda don't know where to start? Are you holding stuff in that you know you shouldn't? Maybe you're unclear about boundaries with others. You're looking for someone who will validate your feelings, someone to run ideas by. You're looking for someone who matches your energy and your vibe while holding you accountable and giving you tools to get pass this hump.  

Some challenges are difficult to overcome on our own and talking to a therapist can be your first step towards gaining clarity and direction. I offer online therapy for adults and my clients describe me as warm, compassionate, funny, and easy to talk to. 

I'm from Chicago and earned my Masters in Social Work from Loyola University in 2010. Since then I've worked in family counseling centers, child protective services, private practice counseling, and in a fast paced ER setting.

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