360 N. Caswell St. Suite #302
Charlotte, NC 28204

Elizabeth neighborhood- corner of 7th St. & Caswell (Caswell turns into Pecan on the other side of 7th St.)

Close to uptown and the Plaza-Midwood neighborhood.

Next to Kennedy’s restaurant and across the street from the Philosopher’s Stone restaurant- at an intersection that has a Starbucks, comic book store, and a Showmar’s.

There are 2 parking spaces in the front of the building and 5 in the back.  If all of these are taken, you can park next door at Kennedy’s.  The office is on the second floor;  unfortunately there is no elevator in the building so let me know if you cannot manage stairs and I can try to make accommodations to meet with you downstairs.

When you come, you can wait in the waiting area downstairs and I will meet you down there.  I have sound blocking machines, but in order to further protect privacy, I ask that you not wait in the hallway upstairs outside the office.

I look forward to seeing you.